GDlotto Singapore, Grand Dragon Lotto in Singapore
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GD Lotto

Since the inception of the online betting industry, the pace at which this form of entertainment has managed to stead forth, tackling all the problems posed by the changing times. And looking at its position in the global market, one could easily argue that the degree of following that it has garnered, is remarkable, to say the least.

Every day, more and more people align themselves with this mine of fortune and take home the coveted prize of huge lump sums. Amidst all the hate and myths are imparted on it, betting has thrived to an extent that about $8 billion are spent on it by the Singaporeans alone. There are a variety of games, each distinctive in form. The most famous one, has to be the lottery games.

GDlotto is one such operator that falls under this type of betting. It is an insanely famous game associated with Singapore, and now, the world too. Possible because of web portals like 90agency. The revenues that it flaunts, are mind-wrecking!  Established in 1951, GDlotto never disappoints a participant, courtesy of the prizes and the fact that it was the initiator of one of the biggest lottery systems today, i.e., 4D lottery.

Diving into GDlotto, keep in mind that making the right decisions concerned with the choice of website, game type and bid, is significant. Here’s a list of pointers, stating all the reasons as to why GDlotto is the best one in the business and what to look forward to.


For lottery systems, there is always distrust and paranoia among the participants, feeling as if some sort of malpractice is forbidding them from getting their hands on the prize. This skepticism has been completely eradicated at GDlotto, because of the live online! No event goes unseen, hence leaving no room for doubt.

The Variety:

There is not just one particular game under GDlotto that you could bet on. As a matter of fact, the wide array of possibilities could leave anyone scratching their heads! Mainly there are 5 categories:

  1. 4D Big, wherein 23 draws are made and once a match is found, the win is declared.
  2. 4D Small, where rankings for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes are done.
  3. 4D A, with one winner taking it all, upon matching all the 4-digits.
  4. 3D ABC Package, where the last three digits of the winning number are to be matched with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 4D prize number.
  5. Lastly, 3D A. Here, first 4D prize number has superpose with the final 3-digits of the winning number
  6. GDlotto also offers special bonus games for loyalty users that are quite productive.
Transactions at 90agency:

Being the foremost web portal and hosting the highest revenue earning games of the likes GDlotto, sure requires to live up to certain standards. Transactions, in this case. And the provisions are here with additional perks too. The minimum betting value being $1 only. 63% of the total earnings that are made by these lottery games go to help the needy, via, the government. That’s the degree of helpfulness that the GDlotto imparts.

Every resource you’ll ever need to make big lump sums are at your disposal. Go ahead and use it wisely.